Our vision is to build individual structures that not only meet your personal needs but are also aesthetically unique. This is why we don't have a ‘range’ of styles; instead, we design and build, project by project. So, when you commission Saltbox, you are assured of a one-off creation.

Our expertise in the related fields of landscaping, garden design, and forestry, enhance our creativity and expand the parameters of what can typically be achieved, as well as the materials that can be used. Traditional Timber Frame training and experience bring an additional artisan element to our work.

We want to get away from ‘off the shelf’ structures, with their poor build quality, unimaginative designs and short lifespan. Our view is that one size does not fit all, and your structure should be as individual as you and your surroundings.

Whether you need extra space — perhaps for a summer room, office, playroom, or home studio — or you simply want to maximise the potential of your property, we can help.

We are continually drawing inspiration from around the world, allowing us to reassess how we use certain materials and create new designs. Visit our Pinterest page to see what inspires us, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with our current work in progress.

It’s this passion and interest in new and innovative structures, underpinned by traditional craftsmanship, that allows us to deliver a genuine tailor-made service.

With our combined experience and knowledge it means not only can we build you a beautiful one-off creation we can also landscape your garden. We can deck or pave the area around your structure or even think outside the box and create something bespoke - just for your space. We have knowledge in garden plants and trees, so even if it is just that the old apple tree needs a prune to bring the garden back to life to show off your new structure we can help there to. 

We also offer the service of small woodland management, so if your magical woodland cabin needs the area round it maintained this is also something Saltbox Sheds can do.

Live for the dream.